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Community Solar Farms - Oct 1, 10:00a - Friend's Meetinghouse

Join Guy Marsden and Bruce Rockwood from Midcoast Friends Meeting and ReVision Energy’s James Manzer for a presentation on community solar farms on Saturday, October 1 at 10am at the Midcoast Friends Meetinghouse, 77 Belvedere Road in Damariscotta. Manzer will explain how renters, home and business owners will cooperatively own a large-scale solar array to be built on the grounds of the Midcoast Friends Meeting, which actively supports sustainability, clean energy and conservation for the sake of a healthy planet.

Solar array at Planson International, New Gloucester, ME
photo credit: ReVision Energy

In Maine, where six solar farms are currently in operation, a group of owner/members is paired with a landowner host and 100% of the solar electricity generated by the array, ideally built in an open field, is sent to the grid and automatically credited to the utility accounts of each member of the group based on their ownership percentage stake in the solar farm.

Community solar farms, or CSFs, make renewable energy possible at locations which, for aesthetic or practical reasons, are not suitable for private installations. Additionally, solar farm shares are transferrable and can also move with a CSF member should they choose to relocate within the same utility territory.

The workshop is open to any CMP customer and solar farm memberships are available; information on the current federal tax credit, low-interest financing options and an update on solar policy will be presented. Please RSVP by calling (207) 589-4171 or emailing Jennifer at jalbee@revisionenergy.com.

Storm window workshops
Postponed. We are looking for a new site to host the workshops.
Check back here for any updates.

Contact Topher Belknap if you need materials, kits, or complete storms.

Spotlight on Seniors - Paul Kando, Part 1 from LCTV on Vimeo.

Spotlight on Seniors - Paul Kando, Part 2 from LCTV on Vimeo.

Recent Articles

Meeting around the Skidompha library table
Meeting at Skidompha Library, Damariscotta.
photo credit: Guy Marsden

We are a group of professionals, business persons, public officials and other citizens from the Damariscotta area of Midcoast Maine who have joined together to promote a sustainable, socially responsible and balanced economy built on the production of goods, rather than just services, retail sales, and tourism. We believe that the best way to begin to achieve this is by addressing the problems of threatening climate change, oil dependency, food supply, and the rising cost of energy.

For more information on the focus and direction we are currently taking, please read this document: Working to make Damariscotta an alternative energy center and creating well paying jobs in the process.